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Alexis Giral
Senior Technical Consultant & Founding Director

"I have enjoyed working with Alexis on projects due to the breadth of experience and skills he brings to the table."


  • Infrastructure

  • Storage 

  • Innovative design and solutions

  • Pre/Post-sales

  • Troubleshooting & performance

  • Business Continuity, High Availability, Continuous Operations and Disaster Recovery solutions

Alexis Giral is the driving force behind setting up Systemethix in Australia. After spending 20 years in the IT industry, Alexis was motivated to start Systemethix Australia as he saw an opportunity to work with people he respected and capitalise on his strong reputation as a trusted advisor to create a company that is innovative and focused on delivering the best solutions for Systemethix's clients.

Prior to Systemethix, Alexis worked for nearly 17 years at IBM. During that time, he had multiple roles such as infrastructure specialist & architect, storage evangelist, advanced technical support specialist, and technical project manager, team leader & manager, in both pre-sales and post-sales work. Before moving to Australia (where the bodyboarding and surfing is admittedly better) Alexis worked in Europe, America, Africa and Asia where he acquired skills that went beyond the technical to allow him to work more efficiently with teams of mixed technical skills and cultural backgrounds and build lasting friendships.  His years in Australia have turned Alexis into a straight shooter who is not reluctant to tell customers exactly where they stand.

His areas of expertise are traditionally troubleshooting critical situations, designing business continuity strategies, and adapting infrastructure to enterprise architectures and strategies. As a passionate architect of change, Alexis is continually reinventing himself such that he has considerable experience working on large big data & analytics as well as HPC projects in Asia Pacific for medium and large companies.

One of Alexis' strengths is the ability to work with multiple vendors and technologies to bring the best solution to the customer. Alexis is dedicated to achieving commercial outcomes for clients and recognises that technology and design of infrastructure solutions are only useful to clients if they also take into account business requirements and are built on a roadmap based on short, medium and long-term goals. Another one of Alexis' strength is his ability to work with both the technical and non-technical teams and ensure that all solutions are well documented through all stages of the project lifecycle.

In all situations, Alexis supports clients by balancing their strategic vision with advice on tactical and technical objectives based on commercial realities. Converting his technical knowledge into solutions for clients that deliver value is an iterative process of asking insightful questions, listening carefully and paraphrasing their responses and concerns to confirm understanding.

One of the major challenges he addressed was the emergence of a new telecommunications company in Asia Pacific region, which had unrivalled early success and was taking on a staggering 1 million new subscribers every day. "The Vendors we were working with had never seen anything like that," Alexis said, "We had to help them re-design their infrastructure in a way that was agile enough and flexible enough to handle such a velocity."

Alexis escapes the pressure of digging through technical logs by spending quality time with family, practicing sports, coaching mathematics, landscaping and gardening.

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