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“Andreas is a Senior Sales Professional with proven experience in building and developing lasting client relationships.”


  • Client Relationship Management

  • Understanding Client Challenges

  • Focus on Problem-Solving

  • Team Building and Motivation

Andreas Stickel
Sales Consultant

With a wealth of experience behind him, Andreas Stickel joined the team in February 2021 and has quickly become an integral part of Systemethix Australia.

Andreas is an IT professional with over 30 years of experience in the field, with diverse experience in many different areas ranging from sales, management and services to marketing roles across several countries.

Andreas began his career at IBM in Germany where he gained experience in direct and channel sales roles and led many product and services sales teams. In 2005, he migrated over to Australia where with IBM, he continued to focus on relationship management and building strong client relationships across many industries, with specialisation in the area of storage solution sales.

Throughout his career, Andreas has always had a strong focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. As a passionate team player, this was often achieved by his ability to involve and orchestrate specialists and teams to bring in their best efforts and put the client’s best interest at the forefront, resulting in joint success.

Andreas has maintained longstanding relationships with clients, partners, vendors and former colleagues in a broad network which is a constant source of new learnings and experiences.

A family man, in his spare time he enjoys walking, running, reading and is always making plans for his next travel destination.

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