Senior Technical Support Consultant

“Diko believes that as well as having deep technical knowledge, a top support engineer must appreciate and build strong relationship with the customers and be passionate about providing the best support possible.”



  • Technical Support

  • Troubleshooting

  • Power, Unix & Linux

  • Project Coordination

  • Team leadership

Diko joins Systemethix with significant experience in customer support, both hardware and software, having worked as a Computer Operator, a Customer Hardware Engineer and then a I/T Specialist in the IBM Support Centre.  All of these roles have built in Diko a strong appreciation of the importance of building a good relationship with the customers and being passionate about ensuring that the customers receives the best support possible.  A relationship that ensures you understand their pressures, respond to their needs and deliver the best outcome.

Working in support at the level that Diko did, requires a deep understanding of the technology, experience in incident management, the ability to allocate resources as required, ability to communicating clearly and above all keeping calm. While in the IBM Support Centre, Diko was supporting IBM global customers with Power, Unix (AIX and Linux) problems.  He was there to provide support for IBM Power customers with Hardware, Operating Systems and Software issues and bring in the developers when required – all while maintaining his high customer satisfaction rating.

However Diko doesn’t only fix problems, he is often called to give advice to customers on Maintenance and Upgrades, Performance tuning, IBM Power and Network virtualisation as well as Storage virtualisation (across a range of vendors).  Diko will be both assisting Systemethix with on site implementation as well as providing invaluable support to the team.  For the last few years Diko has added “team leader” to his list of skills, which will soon be reflected in the better coordination of Systemethix across the three countries.

As you can appreciate dealing with complex technical issues, supporting the customers technical teams (usually under pressure from their management team) can take it’s toll.  To keep calm, Diko pursues an interested in art, music and chasing a white ball around a golf course.