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Hybrid Maintenance

It is worth taking a critical look at the existing maintenance contract situation. Particulary in the IT maintenance area you can achieve considerable cost savings through hybrid models. This is especially true if you have a heterogeneous IT landscape. K&P Computer and Systemethix develop hybrid maintenance models, i.e. a combination of third-party maintenance and manufacturer maintenance, which are optimally adjusted to your needs.


From day 1, you benefit from a neutral consultation where we analyse exactly which of your systems are better left in the hands of the manufacturer and which ones you can cover with Third Party Maintenance (TPM). At the end, you receive a value-added strategy that leads to more availability, greater flexibility, maximum transparency and significant cost savings that can be implemented in a very short period.


Systemethix will be your single point of contact and provides a 24/7 support for your equipment, including spare parts management, firmware updates and communication to all manufacturers.


That way we take away the hassle of you having to manage and maintain your IT equipment and leave it in our capable hands to assist your business to focus on your business critical subjects.


As depicted to the left Systemethix & K&P computer have been assisting our clients to gain significant cost savings of up to 70%.


As an example - the maintenance for a vendor maintained storage system that provides 1 Petabyte of capacity would normally cost about $80,000 per year in maintenance. Utilizing Third Party Maintenance (TPM) Systemethix and K&P Computer would be able to reduce this down to $20,000 per year.

Your Benefits​

  • Cost savings compared to sole OEM maintenance service

  • Minimization of the organizational and communication effort

  • Extend the useful life of your IT equipment

  • Improving the predictability of investments

  • Minimization of the default risk through 24/7 service

Our Service

  • Alternative to sole manufacturer service

  • Tailor-made hybrid maintenance strategy

  • Flexible contracts and individual SLA models

  • Worldwide 24/7 call management

  • International spare parts management

  • In-house Solution Center with high-end development and test environment

  • Advice on necessary firmware udates and purchase

  • Guarantee service from the 1st day

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