IT Architect & Specialist



  • Practical experience from Operator to Architect

  • Linux, IBM, AWS and NetApp certifications

  • Linux, AIX, Storage and Network

  • Advanced tuning & troubleshooting

  • Effective communicator

Ivo Kohler is an integral member of Systemethix New Zealand, having joined the team in January 2018.

Ivo's passion for IT began when he spent 8 years in the UK working as a Desktop Engineer, responsible for assisting a major online grocery delivery system with their day to day operations.  Ivo’s IT skills were quickly recognised and he became responsible for the company’s wireless networking services – keeping their 92000 square metre warehouse operating smoothly with over 200 wireless access points under control.  There, he saw first-hand the importance of working closely with clients when successfully migrating a legacy IT infrastructure to a new system, with minimal downtime.

Ivo was able to build his Linux and AIX, IBM Virtualization, Networking and Storage  skills when he moved to New Zealand to join a small family owned IT company as their Linux / Unix Systems Engineer.  Having demonstrated his technical knowledge, he was quickly promoted to a Solution Engineer where he was able to demonstrate his ability to get a team of mixed skills to collaborate on designing innovative solutions and on-boarding new customers.

Ivo’s familiarity with IT at all levels, from operator to architect, made him the ideal person to perform the setup and management of 100 Linux servers for a smart meters system.  Since coming to New Zealand he has also set up a new database support system, where he again demonstrated his ability to both design and implement complex solutions.

Ivo is a gifted communicator who is able to work comfortably with multi-disciplined teams at all stages of a project.  While he has an impressive list if certifications, Ivo is primarily a practical IT Specialist, who is able to talk to all levels of an organisation, and then go ahead and implement the project – a strong addition to the New Zealand team.


Ivo is a bit of an adrenalin junkie. In his free time he loves to ride dirt bikes, road bikes and he also enjoys kitesurfing whenever he can. He is also a geek when it comes to home automation, from automating garage door opening, when he is coming home to controlling his lighting/heat pump and other devices around his house via voice control integration with Amazon’s echo devices.