“Rob empowers organisations and people by listening, supporting and bridging the gap to propel them into the future with confidence”

Rob Török
Technical Consultant



  • Data Migration

  • Project Coordination

  • Technical Solution Specialist

  • ICT Support Services

Rob brings extensive experience to the Systemethix Australia with 20+ years as a senior technical engineer at a large corporate, entrepreneurial experience in a family owned digital agency and work in cloud based data migration and streamlining systems at an automotive group. 


Having worked on infrastructure and data storage projects has enabled Rob to develop skills and work on bridging the gap between customer requirements and technical solutions. His attention to detail, breaking down complex concepts, and understanding business requirements to meet objectives is highly advantageous to any thriving business. 


Rob has an ability to convey complex concepts in a simple and compelling manner. The go to person trusted to take on challenging projects and transform strategic plans into workable solutions. A relentless problem-solver applying analytical, design and technical skills.