Senior Technical Consultant

"Helping customers and associates is why I enjoy continuing my education on all things related to IT.  I want to make sure I’m giving my customers the best possible solution."


  • UNIX


  • Data Storage

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Windows Server

Stuart Gutteridge is an experienced technical consultant, network support analyst, and systems engineer with more than 25 years in the IT sector. Driven by learning and meeting customer demands, he prides himself on providing the best support services and design solutions possible to his customers.


As an IT Architect & Technical Specialist with Systemethix, Stuart’s goals include cohesive client collaboration, designing infrastructure solutions that meet business specifications to provide end-to-end support for all his customers. In addition to his primary job functions, Stuart has expanded his skill set in both the disaster recovery and virtualisation technology spaces and is an IBM technology guru.


Stuart excels in the areas of UNIX, LINUX, and data storage and continues to grow his knowledge for numerous vendors by attending training and obtaining new certifications on a regular basis.  This dedication to the IT field is clear when Stuart is problem-solving and generating customised solutions for each of his customers.

  When a client wants someone that cares about their requirements and budgets, Stuart is the man to provide support by offering a balance between strategic concept and business actualities.


When Stuart needs a break from all things IT-related, he spends time around his lifestyle block keeping things tidy and making sure his livestock are well looked after.