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Maximise the value, availability and stability of your key critical IT environment 

Systemethix Technical Advisory (TA)  services will smooth out onboarding any IBM storage family product and its ongoing maintenance. 

We tailor this to be flexible and adapt it to fit your specific needs. 


There are three blocks of service on offer that can be used individually or in conjunction with one another. 


  • Gain an understanding of your environment via an onsite or remote consultation

  • Collect performance and configuration of the Disk Subsystem 

  • Analyse the data collected and prepare a report

* Storage system FW for only one system included


for block



  • Following Phase One, you will receive a report outlining the current state of the system and recommendations from your Systemethix technician

  • Twice a year, for 3-years, a health check activity will be carried out & a report provided

    • The report will detail our current findings regarding the overall status of your system and any recommendations

    • We will also provide you with an update consisting of: the system health status, recommended configuration changes, critical security patches to be applied and other possible improvements

  • Once a year, Systemethix will assist you with the firmware update of your Disk Subsystem

* (3-year service - can be broken up and signed by year)

Storage system FW for only one system included


  • Support case handling:
    Since we have built a close relationship with IBM, and have deep expertise on these solutions - we can interact with them on your behalf. This will save you time spent dealing with critical issues on your system 

  • Advanced troubleshooting:
    If you have any trouble with the performance & configuration of your system, our team have the skills and experience to resolve said issues in a professional and timely manner

  • Additional support services:
    If you need any other support services, our team of professionals are skilled in many areas. This includes but is not limited to Storwize family products, IBM Power Systems, AIX, and Linux Systems

* Block Three allows for a maximum of 5 days based on time and material


for block

$8250 + GST


for block


(3 year service)


for block
1 & 2 : 


$16000 + GST
(Per system)  

We also provide an additional SAN fabric check that can be included in any of the above-mentioned blocks, if desired.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you, reach out to us via the contact form below.

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