T.WHELAN - Headshot Photo.jpg

"Tracy is an extremely passionate Account Manager who is committed to an excellent customer experience through being a dedicated, trusted advisor."

Tracy Whelan
Account Executive


  • Builds and Manages Strong Client Relationships

  • Confident and Persuasive communicator

  • Team Motivator

  • Strategic Account Management Experience 

  • Creative and Assured in Delivery & building rapport 

As an account executive, Tracy believes that the Customer Experience is KEY and in keeping technology human.   She has always provided an excellent customer experience through dedicated account management, strengthening B to B relationships through personal connection and responsibilities.  She regularly enhances the company’s reputation and grows revenue by taking ownership, identifying, recommending, and actioning effective solutions.


Tracy has retained and grown many account portfolios in the last 20 years within the Media, Finance, and IT industries. She has enjoyed working with these various industries and has a diverse range of clients.  Tracy has played a critical role in the IT industry over the past 10 years, beginning in Australia and now while she resides in New Zealand.


Tracy enjoys being responsible for developing and maintaining both enterprise & commercial client relationships, using her prospecting skills to create new business, maintaining & growing existing business striving to achieve whilst growing targets with active sales pipelines.  She endeavours to always maintain exceptional sales and customer experience to a dedicated range of strategic corporate customers. Demonstrating several years of sales experience, Tracy has successfully managed & grown a wide range of accounts.


Passionate about her customers. She loves helping them achieve business values faster and impacting their journey towards their business vision & outcomes.  Tracy is caring and supportive, always making sure everyone is doing well.


When not busy chatting on the phone or working from her laptop, Tracy enjoys walking, Pilates, travelling, and being at the beach or pool with a glass of bubbles or a cocktail to unwind.