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Richard Lightfoot
Business Development Consultant

"Senior Business Development Consultant with decades of experience in various leading sales roles for vendors, distributors and partners."


  • Account Management

  • Help solve complex business challenges

  • Effective communicator

Richard Lightfoot is an integral member of Systemethix New Zealand, having joined the team in February 2020.

Richard is an ICT professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications Industry. Throughout these years he has been primarily in marketing, sales, and relationship management, with organisations that range from product vendors, distributors, and resellers.  

In all of the roles, Richard has held true to his main goals of being focused on driving a win-win outcome for both the customer and the business in which he is working. Richard takes a collaborative approach and practices the values of 'listening to customers', being 'open and honest' with them to deliver a "winning outcome" that's best for the business together.

Richard enjoys leading from the front, having a high degree of customer engagement, and are is well connected in the IT and Telecommunications Industries.

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